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The ministry of Encourage Global is support.  We come alongside Workers who are constantly pouring our their lives in service and seek to support them in their work.

We come alongside to provide a type of pastoral care that seeks to strengthen their hearts.  Everyone needs encouragement (Heb. 3:13).  Leaders need a lot of encouragement!

We seek to encourage the multipliers.  These Workers are making spiritual investments in those who will pass on the investment to others (2 Tim. 2:2).  That’s multiplication.

We need you to join in this multiplication process.

Our Encourage Global Board has asked us to offer a creative way to expand our support base.  We need financial support so that we can provide support to others.

Here’s the plan:

Pick a number off of this chart and give a one-time gift of that amount.  These gifts will quickly multiply to provide the support we need to do our ministry.  As you join other friends in making this one-time (tax-deductible) gift, we can watch the potential impact grow.

Pick a Number and Give — Watch the Impact Multiply 

You can give online by clicking this link  (Donate)

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