People Who’ve Never Heard

It’s hard to imagine a world without knowing Jesus. Many of us were raised in churches where we heard the Good News as a child — God sent His Son to save us.

But many have never heard.  Not only do they not know Him, they have never heard of Him.

Would you like to pray for Workers who live in hard places, the remote places, the places where Christ is not known (yet). Don’t know who to pray for? Here’s a place to start….

Pray for these three families in Asia. In each case, they are sharing the Good News regularly with people who’ve never really heard of Christ.

  1. Pray for Justin* and Cathy*  —  they live in a remote mountain village in Central Asia. The only people who’ve heard of Christ are the people they’ve shared with during their years there. They have 2 sons in college in the States.
  2. Pray for K & K —   they live in a Central Asian country. There are no other known Workers or any known believers. They are living part time in a village and part time in a big city.  Sharing Christ in both paces.  Praying for open hearts.
  3. Pray for Dave* and Sandra* — they are in the Himalayan mountains trying to reach a remote People Group with no known believers. Their teenage daughter lives with them and their son is a college freshman in the States.

It’s hard to believe that so many have never heard of Christ.  Those who have been sent to tell them the Good News need people who will join their teams as Prayer Partners.

If you’d like to know more about these Workers and their ministries, contact us through this website or write to


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October 31, 2023