Pick a Number – Give- Multiply Impact

Pick a Number – Give- Multiply Impact

We seek to encourage the multipliers.  These Workers are making spiritual investments in those who will pass on the investment to others (2 Tim. 2:2).  That’s multiplication.

What could happen if you joined this multiplication process?

Our Encourage Global Board has asked us to offer a creative way to expand our support base.  We need financial support so that we can serve international workers.  And if our friends respond to this challenge, we can keep our focus overseas where it belongs.

Here’s the plan:

Pick a number between 1-500 and make  a one-time gift of that amount.  These gifts will quickly multiply to provide the support we need to do our ministry.  As you join other friends in making this one-time (tax-deductible) gift, we can all watch the potential impact grow.

The impact of your gift will multiply: you invest in Encourage Global, we invest in the Workers, they invest in The Work.

When every number is given it covers:  our support, international travel, administration, and multiple field projects for an entire year.

Pick a Number and Give — Watch the Impact Multiply


This picture is updated regularly.   You can pick your number and give online by clicking this  link