Prayer Requests from the Field (February)

We are posting Prayer Requests from the field on the @EncourageGlobal site on   Facebook.   

Some prefer to see them online.  Here are some recent requests the we have received from Workers on the Field:

  • Northern Africa: Charlie* and Dana* continue to find ways to serve their People Group from another city – while their country is engaged in war. The People Group they serve is in the middle of the conflict. Dana* is expecting their 3rd child. Pray she can stay healthy and carry this child full term.
  • Northern Africa:  Two National Partners were falsely accused and arrested on Christmas Eve. They are still in jail and their court appearance has been delayed multiple times. They are sharing the Gospel with other inmates and many are believing. Pray for their comfort and release– and that the impact of the Gospel will continue.  “…remember their chains.” (Col. 4:18)
  • South Asia: Jack* and Sally* were able to travel to their new Field assignment.  Pray for them as they learn their way around and establish new ministry opportunities.
  • Middle East:  Tony* and Ziva* arrived on the Field in December and started their new assignment right away. They are establishing new plans for upgrading the facilities used to serve Workers and National Partners.  Pray for their adjustments and new friendships.
  • N. Africa Don* and Cassie* accepted the new leadership role and are wrapping things up in the States. Don* will go to the new city and enroll their son in school while Cassie* returns to their previous city to pack and close down the apartment there. Pray for wisdom, direction, protection and peace.
  • South Asia:  Dave* and Donna* retuned to the Field after months of waiting for their country to open after Covid. They have settled back into their home and are starting a new assignment with a team that serves People Groups in a neighboring country. Pray for insight as they use their Field experience to shape new strategies for multiplying disciples.
  • South Asia:  Jesse* and Linda*  (family of 5) returned to the Field in December. God continues to bless their language learning — and has given them multiple opportunities to share Christ and disciple young adults.
  • SE Asia: Jerry* and Nina* Moved family of 5 to a new home.  Nina* ask that we pray for new relationships and ministries in their new location.
  • Central Asia: Justin* and Cathy*  Son Allen* is a HS senior at a boarding school in Europe. He was able to visit them during Christmas. They have asked for prayer as two new couples join thier team.

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October 19, 2020