Prayer Requests from the Field (November)

Prayer Requests from the Field  (November)

We are posting Prayer Requests from the field on Facebook. 

Some have said they prefer to see them on this website.  Here are some of the recent requests: 

  • J & B – Workers in a remote place. Their 2nd child was recently born with severe health challenges. They are struggling to care for their baby and realizing they can not return to the Field.
  • Praying for Sub-Saharan Africa.We are asking God to raise up partner churches and people to serve. Would you join us in praying for churches to help with a new Missionary Training Center?
  • Praying for B & J – a couple with great vision & passion for their ministry back in Africa.  In yesterday’s meeting, we dreamed of ways to encourage their team and co-Workers.  Join us in praying for Workers like these who love The Work and their team.
  • Celebrating answer to prayer: we prayed together for A__ ‘s surgery and she’s back home in N Africa doing well.

Original request: Praying today for a young lady (Worker) in N Africa – her name is A____.  She’s having surgery in another African country. Her mom is on the way to be with her during recovery.  We’re thanking God for friends who are providing support for her mom’s travel.

Let’s pray together.

Praying today for P___ in South Africa. She’s been sick for a month and seeing a specialist today.

Join us in praying today for “A” family in South Asia.  Wife learned her dad has terminal cancer. She’s trying to decide when to come to the States to visit him.  They are in their first term, in language school, in a big city with 3 kids who just started back to school.  

  • Nurse in S. Asia: “need strength to fight feelings when work is overwhelming and national ‘believers’ fall”
  • S says: “Our big request right now is that we are studying hard again to move to the next level in language to be better at ministry.”   Pray they can keep learning while already leading lots of different ministries. (S & C are workers in SE Asia)
  • D is Stateside visiting family and friends. Join me in praying:
    • D will be encouraged and
    • People give generously to support his ministry to students in SE Asia.
  • JS in SE Asia asked me to share this request with you:  A man named K___ heard the Good News of Christ for the first time (last week).  When we returned to his house yesterday, K had lots of questions.  Pray with us that K will soon know Jesus.