Prayer Requests from the Field (February)

Prayer Requests from the Field  (February)

We are posting Prayer Requests from the field on the Encourage Global site on   Facebook.   

Some have said they preferred to see them online.  Here are some requests from field:

  • Tony*( N. Africa):  – “Keep praying for Ziva* as she recovers from surgery.”
  • Nurse R* (SE Asia):   “Pray for us as we transition our hospital from an old building to a new facility (while caring for patients).”
  • E* (N. Africa):  Pray for refugee believers who come from a neighboring country and UPG. They want to reach their own people and have asked to be trained.”
  • D* & H* (N Africa): “John* is asking deeper questions and was surprised to learn of prophets in our Book. He asked for a copy and is reading it. Pray that his heart would soften and the Truth of Jesus would break through.”
  • J* (Central Asia): “I am meeting with several local brothers this week. Pray for willingness to meet and open hearts to learn the Word. Pray for protection during these times – for them and me.”  (an extremely closed country).
  • J* (Africa):  “Training in area with hostile opposition from another religion. Pray for trainees to be bold.”
  • J & S* (N Africa) cry out for prayer:
    • “pray for a brother fleeing to escape death;
    • in another country nearby, religious radicals are trying to intimate believers as the government closes church buildings;
    • in another country believers are being attacked by tribal leaders.
    • We know these brothers by name.  Pray with us.”