In the summer of 2020, I was asked to meet with a group of college students who were summer interns.  They were really excited about their summer until Covid changed the plans and most everything was shut down.  After we met for a couple of hours over Zoom, one student asked for a follow up meeting.  She was considering vocational missions and wanted to know if we could help her prepare.

We met, heard her story and interests, then started meeting periodically as she took the next steps in her discipleship journey.  We celebrated as she learned to share her faith effectively, disciple others, and engage in cross-cultural experiences.

God opened the door for her to serve on a summer team for the summer of 2022.  They were assigned to be in hard places where very few U.S. students want to go.

Since her return, she has interviewed for a 2-yr assignment with a mission sending agency and is preparing to join a small team overseas – in another very hard place. Now we are talking about how she can build a prayer team and a personal support team.

It’s great to see her excitement and help her find ways to involve others in her journey.

What about you?  Are you willing to live a hard place as a Kingdom representative? Are you willing to help someone who is being sent by serving as a sender? Are you willing to “hold the ropes?” Let’s remember what William Carey said as he prepared to go to the mission field…

I will go down into the gold mine… but you must hold the ropes.”

William Carey