Vision 2023

The basic vision remains the same:  Encourage Workers and The Work. 

We continue to regularly meet on-line with Workers and often we have been able to meet with those who are on Stateside Assignments.

We have also seen 2023 as a time of open doors to travel.  We have visited two different countries in Africa and have multiple trips planned to visit with Workers in their homes overseas.

We have invitations from many different Workers (England, Europe, Northern Africa, East Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia and SE Asia).  We can go to all of these places this year. We are praying that we will know God’s timing as we seek to understand where to go and when — the next trips have been planned to Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

  • Workers need support teams— and so do we.
  • We depend on the hundreds who pray for us  and  with us.
  • But the question remains:  how do we develop more Sending Teams?

During the second half of this year we have launched new initiatives to develop tools. Pray for us as we interview Workers, Volunteers, Agency Leaders and Best-Practice Churches. We believe these interviews will confirm our findings and enable us to develop tools that can be used to build more effective Sending Teams.


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November 22, 2022