Vision and Challenges (2022)

Vision and Challenges  (2022)

The vision remains the same:  Encourage Workers and The Work. 

Like everyone, we expected to be traveling more and seeing Workers in their homes.  We have been blessed to catch up with some families here in the States – but we are not sure what “normal” will be in 2022.

TECHNOLOGY    We continue using technology to encourage Workers. Using multiple apps and platforms, we are able to interact with the Field every day.  Video conferences make it easy to jump from continent to continent. Every time we end a meeting in prayer, I thank God for the technology that made the meeting possible.

Pastoral Care and Coaching.

As we anticipate ministry this year, similar themes continue to show up:

  • Family Challenges
  • Health Challenges (Workers and their parents)
  • Conflicts with Co-workers and Team Building
  • Discouragement/Burnout.

To some degree, we all face these challenges.  However, International Workers have other elements added to the mix that take these challenges to a new level:  Crossing-Cultures & Spiritual Warfare

We plan to keep a full schedule of meetings with Field Workers to talk about these kinds of things. We pray that God will raise up teams to walk with each Worker as they face these challenges.


  • Workers need support teams— and so do we.
  • We depend on the hundreds who pray for us and with us.

We also depend on those who give financial support to make this ministry possible.  Over 2/3 of our support comes from those who give monthly.  If you’d like to join our monthly support team, or give a one-time gift, you can give through this website or write me directly to talk about it.  (