Sending  Teams

What is a Sending Team?

A Sending Team is a group of people who stay in touch with a Field Missionary, finding practical ways to encourage them and their families. We use the terms “Sending Team” and “Missionary Care Team” interchangeably.

We have been watching as God is raising up Sending Teams. We have been learning what it takes to be effective and we’d like to share it.  If you are interested, the first step is to consider what life is like living overseas — and what people are doing to encourage missionaries.  We call this first step a “Sending Roundtable”.

How does a Sending Roundtable work?

Gather around the table with 6-8 other people who care about Missions.

Participate in a guided conversation about:

  • how people in the States view Missionaries
  • ways people in the States can help Missionaries
  • what could happen if a Sending Team (Care Team) came alongside a Missionary,

How long will the Sending Roundtable last?  How much time will it take?

One hour.  Stay longer to talk and hang out with friends — but the discussion will last one hour.

If I attend a Sending Roundtable, am I committing to serve on a Sending Team?

No.  The Sending Roundtable is a workshop that helps in the development process.  If you want to consider serving on a Sending Team, you will need to engage in another kind of training process.

How can I attend a Sending Roundtable?

Fill out the form below. We will contact you and share the schedule for upcoming Roundtables.

Put the word “ROUNDTABLE” in the comments section — and you will not be added to any kind of mailing list.

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