What We Do

Encouraging the Workers and the Work

The name “Encourage Global” was inspired by combining the goal and the scope of our work.

Our Goal: Encourage

Missionaries prepare to serve by learning language and culture. Yet daily tasks, overwhelming needs, and spiritual warfare make it difficult to do the work. We encourage workers to keep them going stronger and longer in their strategic ministries.

Our Scope: Global

We do not focus on a particular region or country. Our existing relationships defined where we would start (Africa, Middle East, South Asia, and SE Asia ). We expect new relationships will bring new opportunities.

Encourage the Workers

We come alongside Christian workers by praying for their walk with God, visiting them on-site, communicating regularly, connecting them to resources, and assisting in the development of their support teams.

Encourage the Work

We assist in training new believers and leaders, including national pastors, missionaries, and more. We also train Sending Teams who want to serve.

Encouragement Step-by-Step

  1.  Encourage: We come alongside to love, listen, coach, and challenge.
  2. Equip: We assist in training emerging leaders who will expand the work.
  3. Enlist: We return home to develop partnerships and mobilize others who will help meet the needs discovered on the field.
  4. Engage: We make connections, share best practices, and network Senders to those who have been Sent.


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