How Can I Take the Next Step?

Connecting with Missionaries

Putting a face on Missions

The key to Missions Mobilization is making missions personal.  We need to find ways to help our churches meet individual Missionaries and learn about specific Mission Fields.

Connecting with the Field is two-way street.

    • Missionaries need people who know them and pray specifically for them.
    • Churches and families need to know specific Missionaries (where they serve and what life is like on the Field)

Encourage Global has a ministry to both sides of this equation.

  •  We help Missionaries connect with Churches.
  •  We help Churches connect with Missionaries.

 If you’d like to spend some time considering how to connect, sign up for one of these free events:

Coaching:          1-on-1 online conversation to help you understand how to take the next step.

               – One hour session can be set up through email.  Fill in the form below and write “Coaching” in the comment section.  

Roundtable:     Small group (5-7 people) online gathering to learn from others who are on the same journey.

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