2020 Vision: Part 2

No one could anticipate the way this year would unfold.

Often we describe our ministry as using technology and travel to Encourage the Worker and the Work.  In mid-March, everything shifted to technology. Although we had multiple overseas trips planned, we felt it best to cancel all travel. During the second half of 2020 we will continue to utilize multiple platforms to stay in touch with the Workers — and help those who serve as “Senders.”

We continue to engage in Pastoral Care and Coaching.

  • Those who remained on the Field have faced incredible challenges — causing multiple layers of stress. By God’s grace, we will to provide a listening ear to those needing to talk, Pastoral encouragement to those needing spiritual strength, and Pastoral coaching to those who are adapting their ministries in the face of various government and health restrictions.
  • Those who returned to the States face other challenges. They struggle to keep temporary housing as they wait on direction from their organizational leaders and respective governments. They are trying to stay in touch with National Partners who continue ministries in their absence. And like other families, they face the challenges of kids returning to school, etc. in this ever-changing environment.
  • Many are facing health challenges and family crises – on the Field and here in the States.

Our Vision? 

  • Multiply the impact of Encourage Global as we equip Sending partners to serve their Workers on the Field.
  • Continue encouraging Workers in personal Soul Care (regular appointments, providing Pastoral Care and Encouragement, talking about our daily walk with God).
  • Coach Workers as they seek to expand their Prayer Networks and Sending Teams.

We recognize that our work is limited to what we can as one couple who loves Missionaries.  Our vision is not to grow the Encourage Global organization. Our vision is to encourage, mobilize and equip others in the Body of Christ who will multiply this impact through networks of Encouragement.  We are Player/Coaches in the world of Sending the Sent Ones.


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August 31, 2020